It Is OKAY To Not Be The Best

Be a Jack of all trades rather than a perfectionist

Dhawal Pagay
2 min readSep 11, 2020


The trade-off between happiness and work ethic has steadily tipped towards the former- millennials being the new trendsetters. Rather than being a fore-runner in their field, millennials have resorted to an ideology of just getting by. But, is this the right approach going forward?

The number of individuals who are unsure of the profession they want to pursue is at an all-time high. The indecisiveness is justified with the exponential growth in our technology. There are no two ways about this- either you are aware of what your passions are and strive to achieve them, or you don’t.

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Like myself, if you are unsure of where your interests lie, it is best to try your hand at everything. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Opening yourself up to all the possible career options gives you a better understanding of what you’re getting into- if you choose to do so.

Individuals who plateau in terms of growth at a job they dislike are more likely to be unhappy and stressed. Why? You do not realize your potential as you don’t put in the extra work. There is no direction to your efforts, which is why even if you’re putting in the long hours at work, it doesn’t necessarily translate into growth.

‘Be The Best’ Outlook

If are passionate about what you do, trying to be the best at it will come naturally. But, if you find yourself in more of a makeshift job, it is better to get by rather than be competitive.

The numerous pressures that come with being competitive have led to many precious lives been thrown away.

It is okay to not be the best!

Being average allows you to be more lenient with yourself and essentially may hold the key to happiness in society.

An argument that can be made is that this mentality within the youth of our generation will lead to stagnation- the exponential growth right through the times of the industrial revolution will come to an abrupt halt? That will not be the case I believe.

People who have a passion for their work will outshine those who are more driven by incentives and monetary rewards for their work. The complacency will be replaced by creativity and excellence by people who do not think of it as an obligation.

Quality of life is one of the foremost requirements that you aspire for and reverting to this ideology and lifestyle would lead to a more fulfilled lifestyle pattern.



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